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Dr. Jump Rope University is Dr. Jump rope aka Kenneth L. Strachan, CPA brainchild. It was created in the late 80s when Dr. J became a master on jump roping backwards and created a concept called Jump-A-Ropics.  This concept was specifically for sport and dance movement.  During that time, he discovered how to apply jumping to functional movements with most sports. He believed jump roping should not be done stationary, instead he taught himself how to simulate exact movement in Boxing, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Crew, Baseball and etc. Over the years, Dr. Jump Rope created his principles of jump roping as he learned the principle of accounting when he was pursuing passing the CPA exam.  There are eight fundamental principles that is the foundation of the University.  Another pinnacle concept he discovered was the Split Rope Revolution.  In order to take any course, students must take 
Split roping the basics 101 and Split rope applied 102.  Once a student has passed those two courses, he/she/they can begin to take jump roping courses  and stay down the path of more advanced split rope. From here the student will get into his/her/they desired major.  What is meant by major is a sport or dance specialty. 

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